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International Business Management Communication

Question: Examine about theInternational Business Managementfor Communication. Answer: A Reflecting Essay on the Key Larning about the Management of the C ultures Across the World in International Business Management The examination on the International Business Management and on the way of life of the general public over the world has given me better comprehension with respect to the activities and guidelines of the business[1]. I have even comprehended the technique or procedure by which it works and furthermore the business over the world. Be that as it may, there are existences of certain issues, which are should have been featured at the hour of directing the activities of the organization in abroad countries. Moreover, a few snags may emerge at the hour of working the business comprehensively. These incorporate language deterrents, contrast in culture and different strict beliefs[2]. It has been discovered that every one of the way of life differs from one another and principally when one arrangements with a specific culture rather than ones business; it ought to be performed with most extreme consideration. Additionally, a people spotlight ought not be on culpable or potentially disregarding the host country. The populace just as the convictions of the host country alongside their strict and political frameworks are required to concentrate in detail and should likewise come in close touch with them. It happens when an arrangement of business is performed by the nation of origin, the individuals requires to be get guaranteed about the way toward working and controlling the business in a comparable procedure by keeping the techniques of the host country in the rear of the psyche. It can likewise be said that inside the class itself, I worked in a group for playing out the undertaking of introduction. In this way, we as a whole the individuals from the specific gathering cooperated, however we are from different worldwide foundations and different morals alongside different conclusions. Accordingly, the circumstance turned out to be extremely troublesome as every one of the colleagues has his/her own view point with respect to each particular situation. In any case, we oversaw by one way or another and cooperated and noted and tuned in to the assessment of every person. At long last, we make sense of the precise answer for each of the problem[3]. Consequently, we sorted out quantities of gathering gatherings and furthermore cooperated so as to defeat all the obstructions to correspondence. Our Group targets cooperating to decrease the language boundaries, as this will help in get-together thoughts just as thought in the most suitable manner. Thoughts gathered will be assessed dependent on appropriate comprehension of group constructing and introduced before the class. The fundamental objective of our gathering movement manages issues with respect to working an assembling company[4]. This specific assembling organization is a third world organization that is yet immature in nature. At the end of the day, this organization manages media operational viewpoints and works in and across nations by utilizing modest work working in dishonest conditions[5]. Language boundary is considered as one of the significant viewpoint as a route for working in one of a kind way. Working with various nationality individuals frequently prompts miscommunication[6]. Along these lines, it turns out to be hard in speaking with various culture individuals prompting language boundary and miscommunication simultaneously. All things considered, people ought to be given instructional courses to defeat this obstruction and impart unreservedly with no sort of issue. One of the most influential thoughts is appointing the Head of Department who is knowledgeable of both the dialects of host nation just as home nation. This demonstration will help in wiping out any kind of miscommunication while speaking with one individual to other[7]. So as to perform business, organization moves to other nation for working exercises and the working ought to be as per have nation and not for home nation in any case[8]. As the current case works business in have nations, they have their own arrangement of business procedures that nation of origin need to follow. This is because of the explanation as home nation is working in their own nation with given business strategy[9]. It will help in increasing comprehension of the individuals prerequisite just as discernments beyond what many would consider possible. Reference List Barros A, Gal An and Kindler E,Business Process Management(1st edn, Springer 2012) Czinkota M, Ronkainen I and Moffett M,International Business(1st edn, Wiley 2012) Griffin R,International Business(1st edn, Pearson Education LTD 2012) Rand C,Communication(1st edn, Raintree 2012) Rugman An and Collinson S,International Business(1st edn, Pearson 2012) Venkateswaran N,International Business Management(1st edn, New Age International 2012)

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Global Commerce Asian Market Venture

Worldwide Commerce Asian Market Venture Presentation Scientific creation and advancement in transport and correspondence has encouraged development of worldwide exchange. Worldwide exchange is a component of globalization that has required the development of elements of creation across outskirts. Asian nations are encountering fast monetary development; they are offering an expanded market to organizations with an ability to exchange internationally.Advertising We will compose a custom report test on Global Commerce: Asian Market Venture explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Recognizing the advantages of the market, Eastvaco has chosen to enhance its administrations to the Asian market especially in China and Indonesia where the plant will be set up. The main obstacle that the organization is probably going to confront is financing the outside plant. For a fruitful business, satisfactory accounts are required, subsequently before the endeavor, the organization will attempt an extensive research about the m arket and tape suitable measures (Wu, 2006). This report talks about outer and interior powers that are probably going to influence the organization. Outer factors in Asian For a global endeavor, the extending organization need to embrace a P.E.S.T.L.E. examination of the nation and presumably focus most on the zones that are probably going to influence the organization straightforwardly: Political condition The Asian nations are setting out on measures to turn out to be politically unbiased; this is required by its job in global exchange. The world of politics is probably going to profit the organization in that it will approach national and worldwide nations exchanging with the Asian nations. Affordable condition The Asian nations are experiencing fast monetary advancement encouraged with universal exchange; the financial circumstance will offer great market to the company’s items. At the point when a nation is growing, various organizations delivering merchandise and ventu res who will require the results of the organization; this will result to an expansion popular of the nations items. The development pace of the economy of Asian nations especially China and Indonesia have throughout the previous three decades, stayed on a positive note. There have even been a few rates recorded as high as 12% this is a component to show the quality of the economy just as it gives us the expectation of coherence in the market. The pace of development is another pointer of a stable world of politics that supports neighborhood and universal financial specialists to invest.Advertising Looking for report on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Asian nations have very much evolved monetary area with the privatized and government interest in the segment. The banks are sufficiently steady to continue the developing economy. Then again, in spite of the fact that this might not directly affect our business there is the development of smaller scale money foundations in the nation, the organizations are giving a ton of help to the little scope merchant obvious in the nation; the development of little brokers will profit the organization, as they are wellspring of market. Thinking about the economy from that point, it implies that the assembling organizations will in the long run advantage. Insurance agencies are likewise a spine of venture division of an economy the insurance agencies are sufficiently steady and can deal with huge misfortunes without going. Simultaneously, there are reinvestment insurance agencies that help in keeping up strength significantly further. The financial segment has empowered firms to get credits at good rates. China and Indonesia have exceptionally present day created frameworks; these are both of transport and those of correspondence. The frameworks are progressed so well that entrance to the nation from any side of the world is exceptionally improved; the air terminals, the seaport, and inward vehicle are all around oversaw and available. The effective vehicle will help in transportation of both crude material and completed rugs to and from different markets (Mitlez, 2004). Biological Asian nations have perceived the requirement for an ecological neighborly creation; the requests by the nations are probably going to influence the organization negative since it means to deliver non-green items. Innovative The Asian nations are among the nations that have the most cutting edge innovation. Mitlez, 2004 in his book Technology and Culture takes note of that the nations that is doing admirably in the mechanical development. It is building up its own innovation too grasping imported advances. High innovation aid decrease of cost of creation; this implies a business in China is bound to deliver quality and amount at a low value contrasted with different places on the planet. Lawful The nation has all around confined business l aws that Eastvaco has no alternative other than withstand; this offers no danger since the nation has measures to energize outside speculations (Peter, 2006). Quality and shortcomings of Eastvaco Strengths Eastvaco qualities are wandered in the company’s solid brand name that is universally perceived. There is a wide acknowledgment of these items in all pieces of the world. The quality of the organization is without a doubt be built by its inside administrative mechanisms.Advertising We will compose a custom report test on Global Commerce: Asian Market Venture explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More In request to have a serious edge in selling its item and administrations, it will be fitting for the organization to exploit its capacity to contend well with equivalent players in the market. A key showcasing plan is the main way out. The organization has the money related solidarity to grow globally; it will likewise profit by a pool of information that it has fr om experienced human asset group. Shortcomings Eastvaco has two significant shortcomings while wandering the market: the selection of items and administrative comprehension of Asian market elements. The organization has picked non-green items; this is debilitated by Asian nations ecological arrangements, it along these lines should acquire additional expenses as natural harm charges. The administration have restricted information about Asian market elements accordingly; they are probably going to settle on second rate choices contrasted with its rivals, this will prompt loss of intensity (Paley, 1999). End and suggestions Eastvaco can possibly broaden its exercises and tap the quickly developing Asian market. It has the money related abilities. Asian nations solid money related establishments will offer the organization satisfactory accounts for its developments. Eastvaco the board ought to create proper remote market section techniques and have a global promoting methodology so it can contend adequately with different players in the market. References Mitlez, S. (2004). Innovation and culture. Michigan: Dearborn. Paley, N.(1999). The directors manual for serious promoting procedures. London: CRC Press. Diminish, D. (2006). Showcasing Management and Strategy. London: Post Telecom Press Wu, Y., (2006). Monetary development, progress, and globalization in China. New York: Edward Elgar publishing.Advertising Searching for report on business financial matters? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More

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Rusk, Dean

Rusk, Dean Rusk, Dean (David Dean Rusk), 1909â€"94, U.S. secretary of state (1961â€"69), b. Cherokee co., Ga. After teaching (1934â€"40) and serving in World War II, he entered (1946) the Dept. of State. In 1950 he became assistant secretary of state for Far Eastern Affairs and played a major role in the U.S. decision to take military action in the Korean War . After serving (1952â€"61) as president of the Rockefeller Foundation, Rusk became (1961) secretary of state in President John F. Kennedy 's cabinet and continued to hold the post under President Lyndon B. Johnson . He supported economic aid to underdeveloped nations, low tariffs to encourage world trade, and the 1963 nuclear test ban treaty with the Soviet Union. A firm believer in the use of military force to prevent Communist expansion, Rusk strongly defended the Vietnam War . Following his retirement from public service, he taught international law at the Univ. of Georgia (1970â€"84). See The Winds of Freedom, selections from his speeches, ed. by E. K. Lindley (1963). The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright © 2012, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved. See more Encyclopedia articles on: U.S. History: Biographies

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Lung Cancer The Most Common Cause Of Cancer - 1309 Words

Lung Cancer is by far the most common cause of cancer related death in the world. Every year more than 200,00 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer and over 100,000 Americans die from lung cancer. Lung Cancer is partly preventable with smoking cessation and it is slowly decreasing in the developed countries because of the many campaigns against tobacco addiction developed in the last decades but this is not the case in developing countries. In addition, we are observing a growing amount of lung cancer in females. (Ferlay et al. 2008), (Le Chevalier). LUNG CANCER Small Cell The cells of small cell lung cancer look small under a microscope. About 1 of every 8 people with lung cancer has small cell lung cancer. Small Cell Lung Cancer is an aggressive (fast-growing) cancer that forms in tissues of the lung and can spread to other parts of the body. The cancer cells look small and oval-shaped when looked at under a microscope. (National Cancer Institute, NCI; 2015) Non-small Cell The cells of non-small cell lung cancer are larger than the cells of small cell lung cancer. Most (about 7 of every 8) people diagnosed with lung cancer have non-small cell lung cancer. It doesn’t grow and spread as fast as small cell lung cancer, and it’s treated differently. Non-small cell lung cancer is a group of lung cancers that are named for the kinds of cells found in the cancer and how the cells look under a microscope. The three main types of non-small cell lung cancer are squamousShow MoreRelated lung cancer Essay1459 Words   |  6 Pagesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp; nbsp;nbsp;Lung cancer is the most common cancer-related cause of death among men and women. Lung cancer can be undetected for many years causing it to become more dangerous and possibly fatal. There is not cure for lung cancer or any cancer, but if detected in an early stage the lung cancer can be detected, treated, and hopefully terminated. There are many new and developing treatments being tested now that may save lives in the future. Through understanding what the lung cancer is, doctors canRead Morelung cancer927 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ Lung Cancer By Brayan Almora and Hector Aparicio Pedroza Ms. Powell, 7th Language Arts Problem – Solution Paper May 15, 2014 Lung Cancer Causes and Treatments Lung cancer is defined as abnormal cell tissue that forms in tissues of the lungs. It is estimated that there are 224,210 new cases every year, while the estimated deaths are numbered at 159,260 per year . There are several options of treatment and are as follows: Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation TherapyRead MoreLung Cancer : What Causes It?1420 Words   |  6 PagesLung cancer is any type of cancer that begins in the lungs, although it is still considered lung cancer after it spreads to other parts of the body. Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in the U.S. and worldwide. Forty percent of people will be diagnosed with lung cancer within their life span. Lung cancer, as with all cancers, is very complex, so the best way to comprehend it is to break it down into easily analyzed topics. The first topic that must be analyzed is cancer as a whole-whatRead MoreLung cancer is one of the most common types of cancers in the world. There are three main types of700 Words    |  3 Pages Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancers in the world. There are three main types of lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, and lung carcinoid tumor. Just like any other cancer, lung cancer is dangerous, and a life threatening problem. Many studies and researches have been presented to find a cure, but an exact cure has yet to be found. There are however multiple causes, ways to diagnose, and treatments for lung cancer. When you think of lung cancer, youRead MoreCancer : A Type Of Disease1203 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Paper: Cancer Cancer, is a type of disease that involves abnormal cell growth and has the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. Not all tumors are cancerous, there is one type that is not cancerous; benign tumors (which do not spread to other parts of the body). Possible signs and symptoms include: a distinct lump, a lengthened cough, irregular bleeding, unexplained weight loss, a difference in bowel movements, and many others. While these symptoms may cause cancer, they mayRead MoreEssay about Lung Cancer1455 Words   |  6 PagesCancer of the lung was nearly nonexistent in the early 1900’s. By the middle of the 20th century an epidemic became apparent throughout the United States and the rest of the world. It is primarily correlated with the widespread abundance of cigarette smoking in the world. The tobacco industry has multiplied its production immediately prior to World War I. There was a typical 20 to 30 year lagging period between the initiation of cigarette smok ing and the actual tumor formation in the lungs. LungRead MoreHealth Care For Lung Cancer1224 Words   |  5 Pages2012 there was in increase in lung cancer deaths by 3.5%, this percent is still rising in women while it’s stable in men (CDC, 2014). Nowadays, about 402,324 Americans have lung cancer. In 2014, the newly diagnosed lung cancer cases are 224,210, they represent 13% of all cancer diagnosis (ACS, 2014). Lung cancer affects old people and always they diagnosed in the last five years of their life. Around 80% of people who live with lung cancer their ages more than 60 years (USNIH, 2011). In KentuckyRead MoreLung Cancer : Cancer And Cancer1315 Words   |  6 PagesLung cancer is the number one leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. Lung cancer kills more people than any other cancer, such as; breast cancer, colon, prostate, or ovarian. There are two types of lung cancer, small cell lung cancer and non-small lung cancers. These two lung cancers grow and spread differently. Small cell lung cancer tends to spread quickly and makes up about 10-15 percent of the lung cancers. Non-small lung cancer is the most common type, it attributes to aboutRead MoreThe Ten Attributes Of The University Of Queensland1174 Words   |  5 Pagesmanagement of the particular case study. Although all seventeen attributes should correlate and in fact are interrelated, this assignment will analyse and focus on one attribute: â€Å"The ability to interact effectively with others in order to work towards a common outcome†. To present this case study various technologies were used such as: records of the medical practice that included medical history, pathophysiology, nursing plans, diagnosis, related treatment, nursing intervention, evaluation and recommendationRead MoreCause And Effect Of Lung Cancer Essay1334 Words   |  6 Pages Lung cancer is one of the most lethal cancer known throughout the world. The most common suspect of that is smoking, then what happens to the people who inhales the smokers’ smoke? Are they also at risk for developing lung cancer from being a victim? The answer to that right now is that secondhand smoke alone is just a risk factor, there are no evidence right now that currently show that secondhand smoke alone can cause lung cancer by itself. This means that we need to encourage studies that are

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Central Idea of Revenge in William Shakespeares Hamlet - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1471 Downloads: 7 Date added: 2019/04/01 Category Society Essay Level High school Tags: Hamlet Essay Revenge Essay William Shakespeare Essay Did you like this example? In William Shakespeares Hamlet, several themes within the play comprise its story line and ultimately holds major influences on the plot. Conflict underlies almost every scene and is reinforced by the central idea of revenge. Several characters attempt to entice their enemies and even lead them to their own death through schemeful acts of manipulation. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Central Idea of Revenge in William Shakespeares Hamlet" essay for you Create order The idea of revenge is first presented when Shakespeare creates conflict with Hamlet and Claudius which leads to a series of betrayals, treachery and deception. Revenge is the underlying theme within the storyline and is reinforced with motifs of power and corruption leading to the vengeance most of the characters seek to obtain. When developing the central focus of the play, Shakespeare inserts a dialogue between the ghost that haunts the castle and Hamlet,Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder, (I.v.25) indicating and introducing a revenge plot between Claudius and Hamlet. Much is said between this dialogue which invigorates Hamlets pursuit of revenge. Instead of rushing to accuse Claudius of such tragic crime, Hamlet ponders upon what he believes is a more effective and schemeful alternative. He decides to dominate Claudius through guilt by presenting a play that would ultimately expose him. The true accounts of King Hamlets death would come to light in front of all and Claudius reaction would confirm his criminality. Throughout the whole play, the driving force is Hamlets ambition to inflict total vengeance of his fathers murder. Through a series of developed plans to trick one another, Shakespeare creates a plot focused essentially on revenge. Specifically, it plays a major role in the development of the characters within the play Fortinbras, Hamlet and Laertes as they all approach the same desire for revenge while pursuing it differently. Although Hamlet has met with the ghost of his father who specifically instructs him to gain revenge in the name of his murder, Hamlet seems uncertain to kill his uncle as a form of payback. However, upon his fathers command Hamlet swears to retaliate in some form against Claudius and promises to prove his love and loyalty by fulfilling his duty as son. Unlike Fortinbras and Laertes, Hamlet did not question the motive of his advisor and why he should take the advice but as time passes he feels as though hes fallen short with gaining ultimate revenge and begins to doubt himself. Out of disgust Hamlet says, What an ass am I! This is most brave, that I, the son of a dear fath er murdered, prompted to my revenge by heaven and hell and must like a whore unpack my heart with words and fall a-cursing like a very drab (II.ii. 594-598) This statement is a clear indication that Hamlet knows how he should act and what initiatives he should take but does not want to act out so hastily. After reaching his breaking point and seems on edge of madness, Hamlet acts out destructively and kills Polonious father of Laertes whom upon hearing of his fathers murder reacts swiftly. After being notified that Hamlet is responsible for his fathers murder he swears he will have revenge, Only Ill be revenged. Most thoroughly for my father. (IV.v. 133 134). He immediately agrees to take part in the Kings plan to kill Hamlet and conspires with the king to deceive and challenge him to a fencing match where Laertes will kill Hamlet with a poisoned sword. For reassurance, Claudius prepares another form of murder in case all else fails and prepares a cup filled with poison for Hamlet. Although claudius and Laertes seem to prepare themselves for the murder of Hamlet, their death comes along with it too, which points back to the theme of vengeance. Young Fortinbras motive is to essentially regain the land that his father has lost to Hamlets father. Over the years, Fortinbras has brewed up a plan to avenge his fathers death. He has lived in Norway for many years, undisturbed by the Danish Crown, which has had its own problems in the past, including the death of their king and the reelection of an incompetent, know nothing king. With Claudius, the new King in power, Norway is able to go on with their plans of reconquest of the lost territory. Shakespeare depends on the reactions of Hamlet, Fortinbras and Laertes to convey the theme of revenge. Their rage has taken different forms and collectively reveals the i diversity of human feelings in bringing the theme of revenge into life. Hamlet, who acts slowly and with much contemplation, and Laertes, who acts with intense anger show polar opposites amongst these two characters. Meanwhile, Fortinbras rationality and deliberate measurements represents in some sense a combination of the two. The play shows the strain of knowing the truth about people, living in a world of appearances. Fundamentally, Hamlet expresses the dilemma of living in that world. Marcellus remark Something is rotten in the state of Denmark (Hamlet 1.2. 65), reveals the corruption that is found on all levels in the state. As a result, there are frequent references to corruption. Claudius is irredeemably corrupt, guilty of the murder of not only a king but his brother as a King. Hamlet refers to Claudius as a Canker in our nature (Hamlet 2.2. 290). The relationship between Claudius and Gertrude, which starts with adultery, is immoral, but this is overlooked. Because of the vengeance that both Laertes and Hamlet take, revenge is a major theme in Hamlet. It seems ironic that the three characters who were involved with all of the revenge (Claudius, Laertes, and Hamlet) all died from the same sword. Revenge was the driving force behind both Laertes and Hamlet, but both of them also approached their downfall because of it. Their lack of thought behind their plans not only eventually killed them, but Laertes lack of thought also killed his partner in the conspiracy to kill Hamlet, King Claudius, which realized Hamlets revenge. Hamlets revenge is delayed in three significant ways. First, he must establish Claudius guilt, which he does in Act 3, Scene 2 by presenting the murder of his father in a play. When Claudius storms out during the performance, Hamlet becomes convinced of his guilt. Hamlet then considers his revenge at length, in contrast to the rash actions of Fortinbras and Laertes. For example, Hamlet has the opportunity to kill Claudius in Act 3, Scene 3. He draws his sword but is concerned that Claudius will go to heaven if killed while praying. After killing Polonius, Hamlet is sent to England making it impossible for him to gain access to Claudius and carry out his revenge. During his trip, he decides to become more headstrong in his desire for revenge. Although he does ultimately kill Claudius in the final scene of the play, its not due to any scheme or plan by Hamlet, rather, it is Claudius plan to kill Hamlet that backfires. Revenge is represented as the ultimate destructive force in Hamlet. It draws out the worst traits in the characters seeking it, and has negative consequences on bystanders. For a play to be considered a revenge tragedy, revenge has to be a prevalent theme throughout. Revenge needs to be intertwined in character interactions, and have a strong hold on the driving force of the plot. The desires of Hamlet, Laertes, and young Fortinbras each exhibit how the plot of Hamlet, by William Shakespeare revolves entirely around revenge. The theme of revenge starts off very early in the play, when Hamlet speaks with the ghost of his deceased father. When the ghost tells Hamlet how Claudius murdered him, Hamlet is infuriated and overtaken with feelings of responsibility to right the wrong that has been done; to murder Claudius. Hamlet, through soliloquy, tells his audience that he has a master plan of revenge for his father. He plans to act insane, and commits to the role very well; almost too well. The portrayal of Hamlets initial undertaking of his insanity act is easily shown by what he says to Gertrude, That essentially am not in madness, but mad in craft. This shows that Hamlet was only acting crazy as a component of his revenge scheme. However, later in the play we witness the murder of Polonius by Hamlet. Hamlet killed Polonius without meaning to, thinking he was killing the king who murdered his father. But right as he realizes what he has done, he has no sympathy or regret for his actions, and simply brushes it off as a mistake well spent. Hamlet says after the deed, How now? A rat? Dead, for a ducat, dead! Hamlet (III, iv, 23) This quote is clearly an argument for Hamlets right state of mind, and only further develops the plot of the story. He begins to become a reckless killing machine, which cha nges from what he wanted in the beginning; to only kill Claudius.

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Future Energy Free Essays

Future energy Have you ever thought about the energy providing you electricity for your daily life that nuclear power could take you off from this world (it is not clear what you mean here)? What was your feeling when you watching news about the Fukushima nuclear crisis? What do you think when you see how victims of Chernobyl disaster live today? Good start – the questions are a very good way to get your reader’s attention. ) All of those issues are just because of one reason – the safety problem of nuclear power. The question is: Can we control it completely? This question is not only for some people or some groups; the /a specific government (or governments? as with your other essays on this topic, be clear about what you mean. We will write a custom essay sample on Future Energy or any similar topic only for you Order Now Are you thinking about one specific government? Governments in general? ) should consider their citizens and, even every single species living on this planet. Apparently, some countriesy could not dominate nuclear power so that tragedy was happened and severely affected on millions of people. For this reason, I think government (again, be clear – one specific government? Governments in general? should replace nuclear power by alternatives such as solar electrical energy ? Is this supposed to be here? generation and wind electric power generation. Sustainabilityle is the most important index for every type of energy resource. People argues that nuclear is the most sustainable energy resource they have. The fuel of nuclear power cost that uranium and plutonium is the precious metals in the nature (? It is not clear what you mean here). But people who support nuclear power seems to have ignored the fact that the storage of precious metals is very low; it has some day that exhaust from the Earth (awkward – perhaps â€Å"will some day be exhausted from the earth†? ). People know that wind energy and solar energy all have been exploited (this is really the heart of your argument in this paragraph, but this part of the sentence is not clear. What do you mean they have been exploited? This sounds like a negative thing, not a positive thing as you argument should suggest. ). The fuel cost of those two energy resources is zero. They are enduring energy resources, unless the sun disappears from sky and the Earth stops revolving. Spinning. So for the issue of resources (you started the paragraph with the idea of sustainability. It would be a good idea to end your argument in this paragraph with that as well. ), solar energy (what about wind energy? ) is better than nuclear power. Other than sustainabilityle, the cost of running and maintaining a nuclear power plant is the important point that people find? interesting. For every power plant, people will spend money on planning, designing, constructing, running, maintaining it. Every single step in this process will cost amount of money to make sure the plant will works well. And the cost of materials and cost of maintenance is the significant chunk of the whole cost (what is the cost comparison? Do you have some statistics/figures that support your argument here? ). People (who are these ‘people’ you keep writing about? Do you have some support from experts on this topic that you could bring into your argument? ) are saying that traditional electric plants will cost too much money on materials and maintenance. So they think nuclear power plant is the best choice for finance. For nuclear power plant, it will cost only less than a hundred tons of nuclear material for every year; nevertheless, the cost of designing and planning a nuclear power plant is much higher than traditional electric plant. It cost huge number of money on safety, but it still does not work well. However, for solar electrical energy generation and wind electric power generation, it cosst much less on designing and constructing than nuclear power plants, even none on fuels. I suggest government to calculate the price-performance ratio of setting a plant. O. k. Good suggestion, but what is the cost comparison? How do you know that these differences in cost exist? For every factory or plant, people always focus on how its productivity is. But the hot potato of pollution is getting more necessary (? I am not sure what you mean here). They might think more about how much discharges will it waste and how to dispose of those discharge more thoroughly. It has been argued that the most important advantage of nuclear power plant is its low discharging. And people who holding this opinion think nuclear power plants are very eco-friendly for environment. They contend that there is no gaseous pollutants discharge from nuclear power plants. But we can not ignore that the nuclear radiation from nuclear power plant waste is much more dangerous than gaseous pollutants that very harmful for the human and the nature. For the human body, when the radiation value get overtakes more thanthe threshold, it will damage the tissue in the body. People still haves no effective method to dispose of the Radioactive Nuclear Waste that all this three method can not restrain the radiation come out (? this is unclear). It will damage the soil and the ocean andthat threatens the other species. Even today, the nuclear radiation from Chernobyl disaster continues to influence on the soil and water. Ukraine has millions of victims affected by this accident. And now, some of them died by cancer, some of them are still living under the shadow of the Chernobyl disaster. Nevertheless, there is no problem on discharge of solar electrical energy generation and wind electric power generation. (you need to say more about this – give more of a comparison in order to make your argument stronger. So I am highly recommending that government should consider the future of human race. In conclusion, people who support nuclear power strongly are holding strong reasons (â€Å"have good reasons†? So that you don;t repeat ‘strong’). But it is not suitable for nowadays anymore. People should learn to embrace new technology to replace the old one. The Government should use new energies to make sure people’s life can be proceeding and secure, and human race can be inherit prosperous. As Meador (1978) says: â€Å"There is no way to know absolutely about the future until we make the journey†. , said by Meador (1978). This is a great way to end, Mike. Mike – You make a number of good points in this essay and you have organized it well. You have all of the elements of a good essay: a clear thesis statement, focused paragraphs with topic sentences and generally good connections between ideas. I have made a number of comments throughout your essay, though, of places where improvements are needed. My main comment is that you need to give more specific examples of the statements that you make. This means: – – Eliminating your use of â€Å"They† and â€Å"People† to describe those who hold opposite views to yours. These are large generalizations that make it easy for your reader to question the reality of what you are saying. If there are experts who hold these opinions, then be specific about who they are. – Use sources and statistics to back up your arguments – I have noted a number of places where you make some statements that are generalizations. These generalizations make your argument weaker than it could be. However, if you use statistics or confirmed facts to back up your generalizations, that would strengthen your argument. Source: You have a source listed at the end of your essay that seems like it might be a good one to support some of your arguments. Why didn’t you use more information from this source throughout your essay? Mark: 60/100 Reference: Meador, Roy. (1978). Future Energy Alternatives. Ann Arbor Science Publishers, Inc. 3, 112. This book talks about energy crisis and why we need energy alternatives. The book shows several types of alternatives such as solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy, peat, heat pumps, and hydrogen energy. Then it gives what are the benefits of those alternatives. How to cite Future Energy, Essay examples

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Question: Discuss About The Marketing Not Involve Individual Customers? Answer: Introduction Business-to-Business marketing, also known as B-To-B marketing is defined as a transaction that takes place between two business organization, typically being between one manufacturer and one wholesaler. This type of marketing does not involve the individual customers. In a typical supply chain, the supplier company buys the raw materials that are to be used for the manufacturing of the product. The finished products are then sold from the manufacturers to the wholesalers. This situation involves a B-To-B communication. This assignment highlights the B-To-B process of Blackwoods. The organizational buying decisions of the consumers are highlighted, along with identifying the needs of organizational target consumers of Blackwoods. The marketing mix used by the company has also been highlighted in this assignment. Blackwoods is one of the largest business organizations in the Wesfarmers Industrial and safety divisions. This company has a vital role to play in Australian industry. Being a B-To-B company, Blackwoods operates in diverse industries. Starting from mining to manufacturing companies, Blackwoods has a wide range of clients and customers (Armstrong et al., 2015). However, they do not involve in any business with the individual customers. The clients of Blackwoods are mainly manufacturing and mining industries, safety and healthcare divisions as well as educational organizations (Skard Nysveen, 2016). The products of Blackwoods include abrasives, adhesives, automotives, bearings, building and construction materials, clothing, electrical goods, fasteners and fixings, foot ware, glass materials, hardware, hose and fittings, hygiene and cleaning materials, ladders and platforms, lifting and riggings, lubricants (Chuang, 2014). The products also include manual handling and storage, office stationary and kitchen goods, paints and sprays, tubes and fittings, pumps, retail merchandise, safety equipments and a lot more. Thus, the clients and the customers vary at a huge range. Since the consumers vary at a wide range, hence the consumer buying decisions of each of the clients vary widely (Skard Nysveen, 2016). The organizational buying decision process is a critical one and could be divided into eight phases. These are as follows: Recognition of the need- The need for a particular product has to be recognized by a client company of Blackwoods. Since Blackwoods have a large variety of products, hence the clients have to understand their needs (Skard Nysveen, 2016). Description of the need- In this phase, the determination of the characteristics of the needs is to be matched with the recognition of the needs. The general characteristics such as reliability, price as well as durability are to be determined (Tollin, Christensen Wilke, 2015). Product specifications- The product specification includes the mapping of the needs of the customers and the selected product. The feasibility of the product, with that of the needs have to be determined in this phase. Supplier search- Once the need is recognised and the product specification matches the needs of the customers, the suppliers are searched for. The client ensures that the best supplier is chosen. In this case, Blackwoods is the supplier (Kleinaltenkamp, Plinke Geiger, 2016). Solicitation proposal- The qualified list of the suppliers is further scrutinized. The products of the suppliers are matched with each other, and compared to choose the best supplier, with high quality product and high durability (Skard Nysveen, 2016). Supplier selection- The pricing and the presentation of the suppliers are rated and the best supplier is chosen for the B-To-B transaction. Order routine specification- After the most suitable supplier is selected and finalised, the B-To-B transactions take place (Im et al., 2016). Performance review- In the final phase, the purchase is done and the review of the purchase decision is done. If the products purchased are durable and well-performing, then the purchase decision is a successful one. Thus, after eight phases, the consumer buying decision process is successfully completed. Since in this case B-To-B marketing takes place, hence the consumer companies, choose the clients critically, such that a long term buying relation could be established. The customers of Blackwoods range from the healthcare sector to educational institutes. Hence the targeted customers vary. However, in other B-To-B marketing, the products are less in variety. Hence, the clients are also limited in number. One of the major competitors of Blackwoods is National Tool Hire shop. The products of this company range from tools and equipments to machineries (Skard Nysveen, 2016). Hence the targeted customers are mainly the factories, in need of the tools and equipments. The healthcare and safety departments are need of the cleaning materials and safety tools (Spekman, 2015). However, the companies are in need of the tools and equipments, along with hardware, hose and fittings. Thus, as compared to other B-To-B marketing companies, Blackwoods has a wide range of customers. The key implications of the required marketing mix are as follows: Product- The products include abrasives, adhesives, automotives, bearings, building and construction materials, clothing, electrical goods, fasteners and fixings, foot ware, glass materials, hardware, hose and fittings, hygiene and cleaning materials, ladders and platforms, lifting and riggings, lubricants. Price- The price is moderate and affordable (Skard Nysveen, 2016). Place- The place includes online shopping, e-commerce as well as in-store outlet. Promotions- The promotions of the products include advertisement in the social media, print media. Conclusion Business-To-Business marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing between two or more business organizations. The B-To-B trading usually takes place between a manufacturer and a wholesaler. Blackwoods is one of the most reputed B-To-B marketing organizations, trading in various essential goods and services. The range of the customers of the company is wide and attracts a variety of customers. The consumer buying decisions has been described in eight phases, and highlights the decision making process of a consumer. The consumer base of Blackwoods is as wide as its range of products, than the other contemporary competitors. 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